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A black dress can never be wrong and with the gold on it this one looks even a bit more special. Join me under my palms and get a peek what I'm wearing under my dress! - 138 photos.

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I love it to be at my garden, my little paradise! Under my palms I enjoy to smoke a cigarillo and to look at my plants! But soon the stockings on my legs get more attention. - 147 photos. || Free Picture || || Join Now || || Join Now ||
|| Join Now || Join me at the bathroom doing my lip and see me in my rose fullbody corselete and some lovely dark tan Van Raalte stockings. Mhh, I could spend hours in my bathroom and I love that huge mirror!  - 99 photos. || Free Picture || || Join Now ||
|| Free Picture || || Join Now || || Join Now || That silky satin dress with lace top makes me feel so sexy! Under my dress I'm wearing an open bottom girdle and a pair of precious Van Raalte stockings from the early sixties.  - 121 photos.
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